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OPEN: 5:30am - 8:00pm MON - SAT
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Thurs 3-15-12
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Thurs 3-15-12



Warm- up-

5 way shoulder with band (spend 20-30 sec each position- then take band off of bar)

Wrap band around foot- lay back-

20 pulls leg straight up

20 pulls leg across body

20 pulls leg out

Switch feet and Repeat-


10 foam rolls on ITBands (each leg)

10 foam rolls on quads

10 foam rolls on hamstrings



Grab a partner..  Complete each of the following by timing your partners hold for 40 full sec (a break = time stopped) switch and time your partner..

-Hanging L-Sit

-Hold chin above bar

– Wall sit

– Plank (1min)


With your partner complete the following exercises- (number of reps is total between you and your partner- not each person) (odd number in class? one person cut reps in half and go)

12 dead hang l-sit pullups (scale for this would be dead hang knees above hips, dead hang pullup, or dead hang pullup w/ band)

12 double wall-balls (two squats per throw)

2 rope climbs

Amrap- 10 min


Cool down-

Partner Stretching- Use ALL of the time remaining in class









author: Vincent Grupposo


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