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OPEN: 5:30am - 8:00pm MON - SAT
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Thurs 3-15-12
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Thurs 3-15-12



Warm- up-

5 way shoulder with band (spend 20-30 sec each position- then take band off of bar)

Wrap band around foot- lay back-

20 pulls leg straight up

20 pulls leg across body

20 pulls leg out

Switch feet and Repeat-


10 foam rolls on ITBands (each leg)

10 foam rolls on quads

10 foam rolls on hamstrings



Grab a partner..  Complete each of the following by timing your partners hold for 40 full sec (a break = time stopped) switch and time your partner..

-Hanging L-Sit

-Hold chin above bar

– Wall sit

– Plank (1min)


With your partner complete the following exercises- (number of reps is total between you and your partner- not each person) (odd number in class? one person cut reps in half and go)

12 dead hang l-sit pullups (scale for this would be dead hang knees above hips, dead hang pullup, or dead hang pullup w/ band)

12 double wall-balls (two squats per throw)

2 rope climbs

Amrap- 10 min


Cool down-

Partner Stretching- Use ALL of the time remaining in class









Doug Lane

author: Doug Lane

Coach Doug Lane has over 35 years experience working with the Masters Athlete in such disciplines as weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting, heavy athletics, and Muay Thai. He loves to learn and to teach others!


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