OPEN: 5:30am - 8:00pm MON - SAT
CALL US: 904-556-1052
OPEN: 5:30am - 8:00pm MON - SAT
CALL US: 904-556-1052


Many times when a guest tours our facility, we hear, “I love the gym! Just give me about 2 weeks, and I will be back. I need to get in shape first… and I will be back.” Have you ever thought like this? “I just need a few good sessions under my belt, and I will join the gym.”


Unfortunately, you know the story—that 2 week point rarely happens. Which is why we need YOUR help. Please let us help BREAK the cycle!


The time in now. The body is YOUR temple. It is the place where YOU live! We want to help you start a fitness plan that makes sense—eventually even getting you into the best shape of your life! One of the main differences between the Sandbox and the ‘others’ is that we want to do something no one else seems to be willing to do… KEEP YOU THERE!


When you first start out at the Sandbox, you can expect a few VERY different (and hopefully positive) things:

  • You are treated like an intelligent human.
  • Can you try a FREE class? Sure. But, why not commit? Try it for 90 days. Maybe it won’t be for you. That is completely fine. Our box is not for everyone. That said, maybe it is exactly what you need to completely turn your life around?
  • We want to help you understand this incredibly confusing world of exercise confusion. We do this in 4 “easy” Foundations appointments, that will get you underway on the fitness journey.
  • We support your fitness efforts through regular classes that cost no extra money. One price covers your entire exercise experience.
  • ALL your Coaches at the Sandbox have NATIONAL Certifications from the highest levels: USA Weightlifting, USA Track and Field, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and CrossFit. We LOVE this business, and are also students of fitness.
  • You will NOT find any “Internet Certifications” (that take 2 hours) at our gym. We are all professionals with credentials on the line. We love what we do!
  • We have no machines to help assist you in your journey—we make you into a machine with our challenging positions and knowledge of anatomy. We feel like you should be able to move effectively and fluidly in your everyday life as a strong and healthy individual. In our business you are either on a path to a health life or you are on a path to disease and sickness. We want to show you how to live a healthy and productive life!


Learn about the history of Sandbox Athletics and our successful coaching methods.


Find answers to frequently asked questions—we bet some of them are yours too!


Learn about our great experienced coaching team that will help you reach your goals!


Learn the principles of Paleo nutrition, which is powering Sandbox athletes of all types!