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  • Can I just show up for a class… or how do I start?

    Starting is easy! We always like to assess a new member through our Foundations Sessions or by “testing out” of the Foundations sessions. In these initial sessions a new member will be taught all the basics of movement as well as the safety of the complex movements we use to get a person into perfect movement. It truly is the Science of Kinesiology (how muscles pull on bones to create movement). We want to ensure a person is moving correctly before introducing any loaded movements to their bodies. Safety is our primary concern!

  • What is the WOD?

    WOD is “Workout of the Day.” At Sandbox Athletics, we post a workout for each day. The common splits are (a) as posted, which is 3 days on/1 off, and (b) 5 days on, two off.

  • Are you a CrossFit gym? I have heard pros and cons regarding CrossFit.
    Sandbox Athletics is NOT a CrossFit affiliate. For 9 years we were called CrossFit Amelia Island, but dissolved that relationship in 2014. Since then, we have been focusing on SAFE, and effective movements that load the body and create a more powerful physique. We feel that strong people, almost always “win.” Strength improvements have helped our athletes with everyday things like posture, and have improved their workout times and intensity. Ultimately, strength, rotation, and functional movement is getting our members to their goals faster!
  • Why is membership more expensive than a typical gym?

    Just like any “investment,” we want to give you the best. Similar to how you would view a doctor or an investment representative, you want the BEST advice for your time and money. Many times we will liken what we do to ‘group’ personal training. Most trainers charge between $60-90/hour. If a member takes our classes 3x/week, the cost  is slightly over $12/class. This makes it a “WIN” for the athlete and for the Sandbox. You get the BEST Coaching in the Florida/Georgia area, and the Sandbox can become a business that offers the best in equipment for you to train on.

  • Can I take any class on the schedule, once I am a member?

    You Bet! All our “Unlimited” memberships include every class on the schedule as well as a FREE 24/7 Club 14 Fitness membership. If you elect to be a Level 1 member at a reduced price, the Level 1 classes are the only classes included on that membership. The same holds true for Open Gym members. If Open Gym is the only membership you purchase, you will have full access to any Open Gym time you prefer. Any member of any of the selected memberships can take class or come at any time. There are no “set” times that you have to come to workout.

  • Is Club 14 Fitness Included with my Sandbox Athletics membership?

    Absolutely! This is one of the BEST perks out there. You will get unlimited 24 hour access, 7 days a week. If the Sandbox is ever closed, C14F has MOST of the gear that you will find in the box. Les Mills Flow (Yoga/Thai Chi style) Classes are included with your Unlimited Sandbox membership, as well as the cycle class RPM. Childcare has a ‘slight’ fee of $15/month or $3 per day… but we have found that is totally worth it for most parents!

  • Can I still do my normal running, workouts, bodybuilding routine, and just add Sandbox Classes?

    You sure can. We encourage a slow transition into our classes and many of our regular class attendees are also completing strength training. Honestly, it totally depends on your goals. Some like to sprinkle in C14F Flow classes to add mobility work into their training. Some Strength Athletes like to add in additional Strength work to the classes to boost a particular area of their body. All that said, our Sandbox Classes are programmed and designed to be a COMPLETE WORKOUT. You should not need anything else to compliment these workouts. A typical week of programming within the box would include work in the areas of: Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness, Mobility, Speed, Power, Balance, and Agility. After a short period of time, you may find yourself completely engulfed in our plans for Nutrition, Training, and asking questions about your fitness. We try to create a culture of learning, teaching, and a consistent thirst for fitness and health.

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