SOS – Suffering on Saturday
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SOS – Suffering on Saturday

825 cal burned


Level: Intense
Limit of participants

The first thing to know about Suffering on Saturday is that it can be “scaled” to any participant. A favorite class of our Coaching staff to attend—as well as out of town guests—this class is designed to be “challenging.” We purposely design the WOD on Saturday to push your limits. Many times during the week, our students have to be at work or to a meeting at a certain time (i.e., a “job”). Knowing this, we keep the class schedule and our WODs pretty tight. On an SOS day, our members and guests can let their hair down, and spend some time with this workout. It can be anything our coaches dream up… or it can be a standardized “Hero” workout. That is an internet workout that has been named after an American Hero that has died in battle or service to our country.


Come ready to work—but know that we can scale the WOD “up” or “down” to meet your goals.