Semi-Private Coaching

550 cal burned


Level: Hard
Limit of participants

Semi-Private Coaching can be completed with 2-5 people. This type of training works great if friends or family members would like to work out together. The bond created between groups of students like this lasts a lifetime. The added bonus of this coaching is the cost savings. Students still get the same great training they have come to love—yet at 1/3 of the price.


Most of our normal Sandbox Classes range from 4-12 people. In contrast, this small group class can be arranged with only a few attendees, if a person would rather have a bit more attention to detail or have a specific area in their personal fitness that they would like to work on. The small group or semi private training lends itself nicely to those who have orthopedic injuries, or who may want to learn a specific exercise like Muay Thai or Overhead squatting. We have also taught an entire group the basics and advanced kettle bell swing.


This is your time to spend time with one of our Coaches to pick their brain and learn!