Open Gym

320 cal burned


Level: Hard
Limit of participants

Open gym time at Sandbox Athletics offers complete use of the inside or outside facilities and gear. Certified Coaches or Box Supervisors will be onsite for help checking in, technique, and/or purchases.


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Open Gym is just that.


The box is Open for you to come in and:

  • Complete a WOD you missed or one of your own
  • Work on a weakness you feel like you have
  • Spend some time working on mobility issues you couldn’t get to in class
  • Complete your Strength Training or Weightlifting workouts
  • Each guest and member will have access to our entire equipment lineup

The box will be supervised by various staff. Some days/times will be staffed by Certified professional coaches, and other times it will be students. For this reason, we ask you to sign up for the “class” online in advance. This way our staff can check you in upon your arrival without question. Our goal is to give you as much access to the gear you need as much as possible. If you need to get a workout in, but don’t see the time available that you need on the schedule, please access your Club 14 Fitness privileges 24/7. Club 14 Fitness is approximately 1 mile away.


Note: make sure you have an active and working key-tag prior to visiting Club 14 Fitness. All our Sandbox Unlimited memberships come with a FREE membership to Club 14 Fitness.

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