Muay Thai Kickboxing

720 cal burned


Level: Hard
Limit of participants

Muay Thai could easily be confused with American Kickboxing and/or “Stand Up” Martial Arts in the popular UFC fights seen on television. At the Sandbox we teach a very classical form of Muay Thai. We teach respect and avoidance (evasion) whenever possible in any circumstance. That said, the art of striking can be very potent when applied for our needs. The art and its derivation have deep cultural Thai and Boran significance and lineage.


KMT LogoAlthough this class is non-contact, we use heavy bags, Thai pads, and focus mitts for training. Each partner is consistently asked to “hold pads” for each other. This help train the eyes, body, and reflexes for any potential real life situation. We typically, warm up in authentic Thai fashion with jump rope and shadow boxing—which are taught to any who need extra guidance.


Most of the students (Nak Muay) in our Sandbox classes are humble beginners, who are learning to put the practice of Muay Thai into their lives or have a better understanding of self defense practices.


Our parent school is Jacksonville Muay Thai (JMT) under Khru Giles Wiley. Khru Giles is under the direct supervision of Khru Ray Cole, founder of the Khanomtom Muay Thai system of fighting. Learn more about Muay Thai.

What you can expect during our instruction portion of the class

Khru Giles Khanomtom, of Jacksonville Muay Thai (JMT), training a student

Coach Doug Lane with Khru Ray Cole of Tampa Muay Thai