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415 cal burned


Level: Easy
Limit of participants

Foundations are for students and athletes interested in learning the basic concepts of functional exercise. Our Coaches break down the basic bodyweight, gymnastics, weightlifting, and strength exercises. We spend more time going over the detail of each exercise, and most classes have no “pressure” of performing for time. In these classes, we are more interested in technique and form than any other fitness skill.


  • Session 1: all bodyweight exercises to evaluate posture and ability, and to teach basic form
  • Session 2: strange functional movements like pull-ups, kettlebell swings, medicine ball cleans—all to your ability
  • Session 3: all barbell movements (each session builds on the previous)—this session is structured around using load and moving effectively with weight
  • Session 4: nutrition—which can be done at any time during the sessions