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OPEN: 5:30am - 8:00pm MON - SAT
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National Masters Champion

Congratulations to Coach Doug Lane for his recent win.      The Coach is now a 2012 National Masters Champion in the 105+ Super Heavy Weight Category.

He narrowly missed his goals of  110kg Snatch and a 140 Clean and Jerk – to finish with a 238kg total.    Lane competed in the 40-44 age group and the 105+kg weight class.      The National Masters Weightlifting event is held annually for ages 35-90 years old.    Each age category is divided by 5 years.

Lane Wins!

Many other Sandbox Weightlifting athletes will be competing later this summer in the National Youth Championships and in the National University Championships – to try their efforts toward a National Title.    At first glance it appears that we have 4-5 on our team that have the potential to WIN!

For more information on Masters Weightlifting, please click:    HERE!

Doug Lane

author: Doug Lane

Coach Doug Lane has over 35 years experience working with the Masters Athlete in such disciplines as weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting, heavy athletics, and Muay Thai. He loves to learn and to teach others!


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